Sunday, February 13, 2011

flickr: manu%

manu%, today is your day. we are celebrating you and your photography. i don't know much about you, and you haven't many details in your flickr profile. however, one thing i am sure of, is that you take stunning photographs. manu%, i feel like i'm in a movie, when i look at your work. the cinematic quality, draws me completely in. the drama, the intimacy, and the soft light that's gorgeous! i am sold! the vintage shots are perfect in composition and tone, and the saturation, very retro. fun, and more fun is how i feel about them! as for the skateboard and sneakers, i heart this photograph. it's my favorite. my sector 9 is my release, when i'm away from the ocean surf. so, manu%, today is your day here. you're awesome at what you do, and i must SHOUT IT OUT, and share your talents with others! now go and celebrate your awesomeness, and never stop shooting!! today is you day here. to see more:

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